Hope Springs Eternal

Practices have concluded, workouts have been attended, and spring games have been played. Another spring has come and gone and all eyes are towards the summer.

Football fans are left in a daze, watching countless baseball games and counting down in anxiousness waiting for the sight of pigskin flying through the air again. This is a time that shouldn’t be rushed, but one that should be relished and enjoyed.

There’s something special about the offseason to me. Obviously nothing beats the actual season. But in all honesty, the time between now and kickoff comes in at a close second.

It’s the eternal optimism you feel. The dreams of the season to come and what it could be. Knowing your team is 0-0 and has just as good a chance as everyone else.

It’s going on vacation during the summer, seeing another donning your school colors, and knowing in just over 3 months they’ll become your best friend on a Saturday. It’s riding by the stadium and having visions of 80,000 + screaming fans filling it.

It’s watching re-runs on CSS of “College Flash Classics”. It’s reliving moments of seasons past, both good and bad, and wondering what a new year might bring. It’s trying to predict what player is set for a breakout year. It’s hinging on every piece of news you hear over the summer, hoping you don’t hear much at all.

It’s reminding your rival what you’ve done to them the past 5 years, and explaining why this year won’t be any different. It’s trying to predict pre-season rankings and overall records with your friends. It’s enjoying “talking season”: player banter, promises of victories, and coaches telling of players giving “championship effort” in summer workouts.

It’s throwing the football with your friends and envisioning your team scoring the to ahead TD late to win it all. It’s uniform threads and finding ways to kill time in the off-season. It’s feeling like the season is never going to get here before realizing fall practice is right around the corner. It’s media days and hinging on every word coaches and players have to say.

Lastly, it’s the great memories with those you love the most. The friendships made that will last a lifetime. It’s thinking about the bond football builds and how the sport brings us all together. It’s looking ahead to what you’ve built and never forgetting where you came from. It’s memories that will last a lifetime with the people you’ll never forget.

So when you find yourself in the days of summer, having a cold beverage counting down how many days until football season finally arrives, take a moment and soak it all in. Hope springs eternal in the off-season. There truly is nothing like it.

Go Cocks



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